by Heather Rittgers

Clear Your Space, Clear your Mind

In the United States, we have become stuff managers according to Joshua Becker from Becoming Minimalist. We spend too much time cleaning, organizing, and maintaining our things. After following Joshua’s blog for a couple of years, I got to hear him speak. The local...

Random Acts of Kindness

As I was in the public restroom today, I glanced at a  woman with smiling eyes, dark skin,  and an electric-blue fuzzy hat.  She smiled an unusually-friendly smile and commented, "Nice outfit" and continued smiling from ear to ear.   After she left, I was still baskng...

The Documentary That Changed My Life

I used to do the elliptical to The Biggest Loser,  I muscled through  Jillian Michael's bootcamp workouts, did aerobics and ate really "clean".  I usually ate chicken or turkey, cottage cheese, whey protein, and string cheese.  I also ate veggies, salad and moderate...

Love Your Heart This Month (and always)

Love Your Heart This Month (and always) By Heather Rittgers Our hearts work very hard to keep us going. They beat tirelessly. They take care of us--we need to return the favor! This month is Heart Month. Let's take the time to love on our hearts. What is a heart...

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