Find Your Balance With Wellness Coaching
Wellness Coaches work with clients to facilitate a process of self-directed lifestyle behavioral change. (Medical Fitness Network)

A Certified Wellness Coach Can Work With You To:

  • Take an inventory of where you are at
  • Guide and facilitate a vision of where you would “like to be”
  • Develop with you an integrated wellness plan
  • Provide ongoing evaluation of progress
  • Assist in achievement of successful lifestyle behavioral lifestyle change

What You Can Expect
As your wellness coach, I work with you to help you improve all areas of wellness including fitness, nutrition, weight, stress, health and management of the life issues that impact wellness.

What You Can Expect With Our First Session:
1. You will provide background information via a well-being assessment

2. During our first 50 minute coaching session you identify your priorities and we develop a personal wellness plan that includes:

  • Your Wellness Vision
  • 3 Month Goals
  • Next Steps

3. You will receive a once per week wellness call for 90 days. You and I will work closely to get you moving in the direction of improved health and well-being!

Contact me for your free 30 minute consultation today!

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